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The chongqing qijiang district library will be summarized in the first half of 2017

                                                                The first half of 2017 will be summarized

The library of chongqing qijiang district has been in the library for six months

First "purpose, to strengthen the study and work plan earnestly, the multilevel communication with readers, innovative services for public opinion, one thousand party hundreds of more and more people passed the scientific and cultural knowledge, basic meet the requirements of the reading of the masses.

First, organize the study, unify the thought. Stick to them all a half-day a week politics, business study, focusing on the study of the party and the state of the "four" comprehensive layout, set up the strategic deployment of cultural power, "three steady tightening real" education and "two learn how to make a", the study of current affairs policy and business knowledge, unified China, the worker thought, establish consciousness of "four", and constantly improve the worker thought business quality, solidarity, proactive, completes the labor of duty.

Second, make plans and make a plan. Earlier this year, according to the requirements of the municipal, district cultural committee, to develop the library of the qijiang count 2017 work plan carefully, and will target tasks, completion time, quality, refinement, decomposition, responsibility to the people, a table, introduced in 2017 by the library of the qijiang count main work implementation opinion ", file archiving, for supervise, the inspection, to ensure that the task is complete.

Third, innovate service, promote reading. Services are the eternal theme of public libraries, and innovation is the foundation of good service. In the first half of the year, the creative reading works as follows:

Early in the year, the joint xinhua bookstore, with a total of 20,536 books for the 302 farmers' books and books in the whole area, was made up of 20,536 books. Using the mobile book car as the remote schools such as zijing and fulin, the center and bandung have sent the books 5350 books in 9 remote villages. And guide them in various forms of reading. Fu huan town propylite village using basket carriers will book sent to families with chongqing daily made on February 13, the front page titled "basket carriers bookstore into peasant" positive coverage. The book activities make up for the short boards of remote schools, mountainous rural reading books and low interest in reading and writing.

Start reading rewards activities. For the 185 readers who have borrowed more than 30 books this year, three equal times have been given material rewards, inspiring reading enthusiasm and helping people to read.

During the first half of January this year, the students will be extended from 18 to 21:30, and they will be extended by three and a half hours each day, which is popular with the office workers and students.

During the "4.23" world reading day, the organizing district xinhua bookstore, the postal service company in Kowloon square for five days of outstanding publications hui people exhibition and marketing activities. The exhibition is 1,400 square meters, with 4,200 quality books, more than 50, 000 books and over 3,600 books.

5. The world book and copyright day huimin during the book fair, in Kowloon plaza has carried out "you read a book. I pay", books, walking the exhibition "reading and life", the public cultural service protection series of activities such as propaganda and civilized city to create the propaganda.

"Are you reading, I pay" is the function of library moved forward to the active site, the citizen right as long as the book exhibition selected books, can be on the spot, the borrowing formalities, pay by the library, people don't spend a penny can choose borrow two good book. More than 300 readers took the books.

"Walking book" is chosen, keeping in good health, food, and children's literature a strong interest in reading 200 books donation of more than 200 people, encourage people to put down the phone, took the book, experience knowledge, the feeling of the body and mind.

In recent years, the "reading and life photography exhibition" shows a nearly 100 photographic works that have read happy moments in recent years, inspiring interest in reading and attracting a lot of people to appreciate it.

Now Abby issue become effective as of March 1, the protection of public cultural services of the People's Republic of China "singles of more than two hundred copies, publicity single copies of" advocating a "regard" read, to create a civilized city publicity materials more than 3000 copies.

At the town level of the district, the various forms of reading and promotion activities are carried out 24 times. Of more than 46000 people participated in the activities of the citizen, the qijiang count daily, such as the qijiang count station district 7 TiaoCi news media has reported from different angles, chongqing China work, elegant the official website and city library website such as municipal 5 TiaoCi media reported.

Read and promote reading vigorously. In order to promote the reading of the whole people, the paper finds examples of reading, reading and writing, improving reading condition, etc., and the organization force of the district library carries out the multi-bearing propaganda. Since this year, at the city level news media, the work briefing has received a positive publicity report from the qijiang reading 14 times, the district level report 39 times. At the same time, every two months, four promotional columns were updated regularly, four promotional displays for window displays and library websites.

Fourth, the competition wins the prize, helps to read. In the first half of this year, the district library took an active part in the competition activities of "red rock youth" in the municipal culture committee and the city's national reading office. Li ruilin of the qijiang gunan middle school won seventh place in the final of the "I love chongqing" children's digital reading contest final on April 22. On May 20, in the final of the "red rock youth" children's drawing contest, the qijiang memorial school student yuan wenlin, who was chosen by the qijiang library, won first prize. Participating in the event not only gives students a platform to show, but also helps to promote reading for all.

Flow reading, serve the masses. In the first half of this year district libraries and enterprises and institutions to carry out the scholarly organ construction, successively with tax bureau, fire detachment, organization department, public service center, federation of trade unions, bureau and other organs of 20 units cooperation, by the library for the various units to provide a total of more than 20000 copies of scholarly organ construction, build elegant atmosphere. At the six famous tea houses in qicheng, the people's books are built, and more than 3,000 books are provided for the people to read. And the flow of books in the first quarter of the year, let the book resources really flow, solve the people's reading demand.

Free to open, good service. For public opinion to improve work, booster reading activities, extend the time convenient to read, to create civilized city activities, during the first half increased civilization quality service, the superposition of a number of measures, since this year, to a marked increase of reading, half 68560 visitors came to the library reading readers, this 83456 CeCi borrowing books, new card to 7929 pieces, record highs, implements the time not more than half the task completed more than half of the goal.

                                                              The qijiang  library in chongqing municipality

                                                                                                              On June 5, 2017