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The mission and vision of the library in qijiang

The mission of the library

Corresponding to the library's value is the mission of the library.

1, the knowledge center

The generalisation of information weakens the function of library social information service and community information service, but the library's mission has not changed.

Because of the intellectual property system constantly improved, the protection of intellectual property rights of growing, the library is more and more tend to collect, preserve, and spread knowledge property rights protection, also is a free knowledge, record on paper carrier of knowledge and knowledge on the electron carrier. This is the historical mission that society has given the library.

2, learning center

At the beginning of the 20th century, "the library was a college without walls" was a common expression. At that time, the library is an irreplaceable public places of public reading, nowadays, due to the development of the Internet and mobile communications, reading has become ubiquitous, perpetually. Is the function and mission of the library as a university without walls no longer exist? The answer is no. The library's mission as a learning center is not only not weakened, it is becoming stronger and stronger.

Library as a learning center, to expand the museum learning space, the traditional paper study space, learning space, full of elegant will expand everywhere the ever-present network learning space, this is the need of nationwide reading, the need of lifelong learning. And because of this, the library's mission as a learning center is not only not weakening, it's getting stronger and stronger.

3 and cultural center

The library is also a cultural and cultural institution. The library not only has saved and the mission of inheriting historical culture, also has show the mission of modern culture, especially for the mission of cultural diversity to provide free expression. The vision of the library

Vision: to build first-class chongqing, abundant resources, advanced facilities, high level, modernization, based on digital network into technical document resources guarantee and service system, a better service for readers.

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                                                                                                      On January 4, 2017